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API Tools for Anti-Counterfeit Tracking and Monitoring

Elevate your online operations with Oxylabs' top-tier proxy and web scraping solutions. Monitor online marketplaces for illegal replicas at scale and stop fraudsters in their tracks.

Anti-counterfeit tracking

Counterfeit product monitoring with web intelligence solutions

Make sure no counterfeit products slip through your fingers with an influx of fresh and accurate data delivered by Oxylabs’ E-Commerce Scraper API. Its top-notch performance and simple integration process will make anti-counterfeit tracking a hassle-free experience.

Scour biggest e-commerce sites

Get highly-localized fraudulent listing data as soon as it appears. You can search top online marketplaces including, but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and more.

Maintenance-free infrastructure

Our top-tier data acquisition infrastructure encompasses AI-powered web scraping, parsing, and convenient data delivery methods. You can kick back and focus on data analysis.

Global access to product data

No matter where you are, E-Commerce Scraper API will unlock highly-localized public product data. Choose from 195 countries around the world.

Product listings for anti-counterfeit operations

Conduct large-scale and speedy counterfeit detection operations that will uncover illegitimate product listings. Our advanced scraping solutions will allow you to scale your operations without worrying about getting blocked.

Counterfeit detection at scale around the globe

Illegal replicas are often a globally occurring problem. That’s why it’s crucial to target specific locations and even cities. Our Datacenter Proxy pool will open up 188 locations worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about geo-restrictions.

The most complex targets unlocked

More often than not, e-commerce websites load their pages dynamically and can be difficult to scrape. However, the ML-powered E-Commerce Scraper API can easily handle even the most challenging targets as well as take screenshots. Collect the evidence you need quickly and efficiently.

Oxylabs’ solutions for anti-counterfeit operations

Datacenter Proxies

Our Datacenter Proxies boast extensive location coverage and superb performance. With features like these, you will leave no stone unturned when monitoring counterfeit products.

  • Unlimited domains and bandwidth

  • 188 locations around the world

  • Smooth integration and exceptional speed

E-Commerce Scraper API

An extremely sophisticated AI & ML-based solution will help you thoroughly sift through online marketplaces for fake products. Inspect such websites as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and more. 

  • JavaScript rendering for complex targets

  • Bulk scraping with 1000 URLs per batch

  • Scheduler feature for recurring scraping jobs

More benefits of Datacenter Proxies:

Exceptional performance

Effortless and unstoppable monitoring

High uptime

Uptime achieving 99.9%

Worldwide coverage

City-level targeting

More benefits of E-Commerce Scraper API:

Smooth start

Detailed documentation and guidelines

Multiple delivery options

Retrieve results via an API or to your cloud storage bucket (AWS S3 or GCS)

24/7 support

Support every step of the way

We have been utilizing Oxylabs' E-Commerce Scraper API for 3+ years now. Our business requires up-to-the-minute web scraping with no downtime. We tried other services before that, but they either failed to provide reliable service on a consistent basis or were too expensive. Oxylabs has been by far the fastest, most reliable service we have had to date. They also have been flexible in providing us volume discounts that keep us sticking with them! Their communication is outstanding and their service has been A+.

Oxylabs customer

Word from a customer

From advanced web data collection solutions to friendly and professional customer service, we aim to be a reliable business partner and ensure all grounds are covered.  

Added benefits

Data from 195 countries

Avoid geographical restrictions and get data from different locations. 

Live chat support

Contact support via live chat or email and they’ll get back to you in a timely manner. 

High success rates

Our ML-driven proxy management provides the highest success rate with the lowest response time. 

Dedicated account manager

Receive personal assistance by one of our professional account managers.

Detailed documentation

Get off to a good start with our extensive documentation, video tutorials, and GitHub repository

Insured, award winning products

Our products are insured and recognized by industry experts. 

Frequently asked questions

What does being counterfeit mean?

Counterfeit refers to goods that visually resemble the original and are sold as such but are actually made by counterfeiters. Counterfeiting is illegal and has a negative impact on both the manufacturers and the customers.

For the manufacturers, it means loss of profit and reputation damage, as counterfeits are usually much worse in quality. Likewise, the customers might pay less for a counterfeit product but receive an item of poor quality.

What is an example of a counterfeit?

A good example of a counterfeit is fake designer items. Counterfeiters might produce such items as handbags, shoes, or jewelry and try to mimic the appearance of the original product by copying the brands' logo or the packaging.

What are anti-counterfeit characteristics?

Anti-counterfeit characteristics are features (often invisible to the naked eye) that are used to make it difficult to counterfeit a product. Features like barcodes, serial numbers, and RFID chips can be used to protect the authenticity of products.

In addition to that, countermeasures can be taken online to stop counterfeiting. Such technologies as web scraping can be used to detect fake products on the market and take legal action against criminals.

Does counterfeit mean fake?

Yes, a counterfeit product is always a fake version of the original.

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