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Get Data From Any Website With Web Scraper API

  • Pay only for successfully delivered results

  • Get highly localized real-time data without IP blocks

  • Enhance efficiency and cut infrastructure costs

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No credit card is required. Free trial lasts for 1 week and includes 5k results.

Scraper for every use case

Scrape real estate data

  • Explore real-time property prices across various platforms

  • Compare prices for trend analysis

  • Analyze rental rates in high-demand zones

  • Make precise property value estimations

Idealista Redfin Zillow Zoopla

Extract travel industry data

  • Gather real-time prices for flights and accommodations

  • Compare data across various platforms for strategy refinement

  • Track and analyze accommodation availability

  • Analyze customer reviews for insights

Airbnb Agoda Booking TripAdvisor

Collect B2B intelligence data

  • Leverage company profiles for B2B lead generation

  • Scrape essential business details and job postings

  • Identify potential partners for collaboration

  • Strengthen business development efforts

Crunchbase ZoomInfo

Scrape entertainment websites

  • Uncover audience preferences through content trend analysis

  • Explore user engagement across different websites

  • Diligently monitor media for copyright infringement prevention

  • Preserve the integrity of intellectual property

Netflix Soundcloud Youtube

Retrieve comprehensive vehicle data

  • Scrape automotive websites for vehicle specifications

  • Analyze historical sales data to identify market trends

  • Explore customer preferences for deeper insights

  • Track emerging trends in the automotive market

Collect quality data from any URL

With Oxylabs Web Scraping API, extract large volumes of data from even the most complex websites. Tailor job parameters to meet your scraping needs at no extra fee.

Custom headers and cookies

Send custom headers and cookies at no extra cost for enhanced control over your scraping.

Global coverage

Our premium proxy pool spans 195 countries, providing you with unrestricted access to localized data.

Try Web Scraper API with free 5k results

Advanced features

Leverage Web Scraper API smart features for collecting data at scale.

Proxy management

ML-driven proxy selection and rotation using our premium proxy pool from 195 countries.

Custom parameters

Enhance your scraping control with custom headers and cookies at no extra cost.

AI-driven fingerprinting

Unique HTTP headers, JavaScript, and browser fingerprints ensure resilience to dynamic content.

CAPTCHA bypass

Automatic retries and CAPTCHA bypassing for uninterrupted data retrieval.

JavaScript rendering

Accurate, high-quality data extraction from dynamic and interactive websites.

Web Crawler

Comprehensive page discovery on websites, extracting only essential data.


Automate recurring scraping jobs with desired frequency and receive data to AWS S3 or GCS.

Custom Parser

Define your parsing logic using XPath or CSS selectors for structured data collection.

Headless Browser

Render JavaScript-based pages with a single line of code, eliminating the need for complex browser development or automated third-party tools. Set up custom browser instructions and enable Headless Browser to execute mouse clicks, input text, scroll pages, wait for elements to appear, and more.

  • Effortless JavaScript rendering

  • Browser instructions execution

  • Seamless data collection

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Get a maintenance-free scraping infrastructure

Benefit from our AI-powered web data collection infrastructure that is ready-to-use straight away.

  • No need to develop or maintain scrapers and browsers

  • Let us handle CAPTCHAs and overcome IP blocks for you

  • Allocate your resources towards analyzing data

Easy integration

The integration process of our API is quick and easy. For more code examples, visit our documentation or explore Scraper APIs Playground to see Web Scraper API in action.

Step 1

Put together a query

Add your endpoint URL, payload and API user credentials.

Step 2

Send your query to our API

We will take it from here - you do not need to do anything.

Step 3

Receive the result

Retrieve results via an API or get them delivered to your cloud storage bucket.

Meeting the highest regulatory requirements

Main Oxylabs areas of business are certified for Information Security Management System according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard.

I am a big fan of their Web Scraper API & Residential Proxy products. There are many useful features and options to customize the way requests are made, and these are all available for requests made in bulk, which is our most common use case. The support team is also great.

Alex L.

Software Developer

What do others say?

Web Scraper API is designed to handle the workload for you, ensuring seamless access to essential data. Backed by our commitment to excellence, we offer top-notch customer support and extensive resources to assist you 24/7.



Pay only for successful results

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Save time and development costs

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Frequently asked questions

What is a web scraping API?

A web scraping API is software that retrieves data from a URL with the help of an API call. It helps establish a connection between a user and a web server to access and extract data.

What type of data can I extract with Web Scraper API?

Web Scraper API can deliver the HTML code of the page. Additionally, it leverages the JavaScript rendering feature to retrieve required HTML from websites utilizing JavaScript for dynamic content loading. The Custom Parser feature can also be used to obtain data in JSON format.

Can I automate recurring scraping jobs with Web Scraper API?

Yes, we offer the free Scheduler feature for all Scraper APIs. You can automate your recurring scraping jobs by scheduling them. Simply put, you don't need to send new requests with identical parameters to receive regular updates of the same public data. Also, there's no need to create or maintain your scheduling scripts. Check our documentation to learn more about the Scheduler feature.

How long does Web Scraper API take to give the results back?

Web Scraper API can deliver real-time results from almost any website worldwide. The delivery time highly depends on a requested target. For more details regarding specific targets, please get in touch with your Account Manager or contact our support team.

Is it legal to scrape a website?

Web scraping services may be legal in cases where it is done without breaching any laws regarding the source targets or data itself. We have explored this subject in one of our blog posts, and we highly recommend that you read it and consult with your legal advisor before any scraping project to avoid any potential risks.

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