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Job Scheduler for Web Scraping and Parsing

  • Schedule multiple jobs at any frequency you like

  • Get data sent to your cloud storage automatically

  • Stay informed with delivery notifications

*Scheduler is a free feature of Scraper APIs

Configure several schedules for different jobs

Automation is key when it comes to web data acquisition. If you have identical scraping jobs that you execute on a regular basis, let Scheduler do the work for you. Create multiple jobs, use the Cron expression to set the time intervals, and get automatic data updates at ease.

Get data automatically delivered to your cloud storage

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that with scheduled jobs, you’ll receive updates and data to your preferred cloud storage automatically and regularly.

Receive notifications once the data is transferred

To receive regular data updates, you’ll no longer need to send new requests and create or maintain scheduling scripts. Just set up recurring scraping jobs, and we’ll do the rest – once the scraped and parsed data is sent to your cloud storage, you’ll receive a notification.

How does Scheduler work?

Scheduler is a feature of all our Scraper APIs for setting up recurring scraping and parsing jobs. Its process can be broken down into three parts: you set up the frequency using Cron, provide the scraping and parsing parameters, and set the end time.

Step 1

Set a frequency rate at which we’ll be executing the scraping jobs.

Step 2

Provide us with the job parameter sets of your choice.

Step 3

Get a notification as soon as the result is in your cloud storage.

Step 4

Set the end time and we’ll stop delivering the data.

Scraper APIs with the Scheduler feature

Scheduler is an additional feature any of our Scraper API users get for free.

SERP Scraper API

City-level SERP data delivery from major search engines.

  • Localized search results

  • Live and reliable data

  • Resilient to SERP layout changes

Best for:

Keywords data collection, brand monitoring, ads data tracking.

From $49/month

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E-Commerce Scraper API

E-commerce product page scraping with ready-to-use data.

  • 1000s of e-commerce websites

  • Adaptive Parser

  • Structured data in JSON

Best for:

Pricing intelligence, product catalog mapping, competitor analysis.

From $49/month

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Web Scraper API

Scalable real-time data collection from a majority of websites.

  • Customizable request parameters

  • JavaScript rendering

  • Convenient delivery

Best for:

Website changes monitoring, fraud protection, travel fare monitoring.

From $49/month

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Real Estate Scraper API*

Real-time property data gathering from popular real estate websites.

  • Zillow, Redfin, and others

  • No CAPTCHAs or IP blocks

  • Cost-efficient scraping

Best for:

Researching new investments, price optimization, trend discovery.

*Part of Web Scraper API

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Aivaras Steponavicius

Senior Account Manager @ Oxylabs

By scraping and parsing data according to a set interval, Scheduler does the heavy lifting – the data is sent to the client’s cloud storage so they don’t need to send identical requests repeatedly.

Ruta Petronyte

Senior Account Manager @ Oxylabs

Scheduler is there to simplify the scraping and parsing jobs you do routinely. According to your preference, it can execute scraping and parsing jobs every minute, hour, or day.

A word from your Dedicated Account Manager

Get personal assistance from a Dedicated Account Manager regarding any web scraping-related matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scheduler?

Scheduler is a free feature of Oxylabs’ Scraper APIs. It allows you to automate regular and identical scraping jobs as well as receive data at the frequency of your choice. This way, you no longer need to send new requests or create scheduling scripts to create repetitive scraping and parsing jobs. 

How to set up jobs with Scheduler?

You have to submit a request for us to create a schedule, where you specify:

  1. How often should we repeat the job(s)
  2. What exactly is the job
  3. Job end time 
  4. Callback URL (optional)
  5. Cloud storage URL (optional)

If you provide us with the callback URL, we’ll send you a notification once the scheduled job is done. You’ll be able to access the scraped and parsed results in your cloud storage (if you specified it.)

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