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Oxylabs white papers provide the most relevant insights into proxy and web scraping solution usage in different industries.

The Role of Competitive Intelligence in Business Development

A general overview of competitive intelligence processes, application scenarios, and their impact on business development.

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Using Real-Time Public Data for Competitive Advantage in Travel Industry

An action chain of processes and solutions for public web data collection in the travel industry. The transformation from raw HTML to actionable data.

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How AI Is Changing the Web Scraping Landscape

An overview of how AI and its subfield, Machine Learning (ML), shape the current trends in web scraping, from the role of ML models to three fundamental changes powered by AI.

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Building a Real-Time Online Media Monitoring Infrastructure

A guide through the critical stages of online media monitoring and the most significant elements of a well-functioning media tracking infrastructure.

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Real-Time Price Monitoring System Architecture

An introduction to the price monitoring action chain, from collecting target URLs to data parsing, along with tips and explanations on the most important elements and processes.

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Choosing the Right Scraping Solution in 2022: Essentials You Need to Know

Read this free white paper to learn more about the trending scraping solutions in 2022 and what's best for you.

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Web Scraping on a Large Scale for E-Commerce (Ultimate Guide)

This white paper aims to guide you through the process of large-scale public data gathering with an emphasis on e-commerce. Dive right in and learn more.

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Scraping Alternative Data: Technological Challenges to Keep in Mind

An extensive white paper covering technological challenges connected to alternative data scraping and proposes practical ways to deal with them.

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Pricing Intelligence: Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making

Learn everything about pricing intelligence and how third-party data gathering solutions help you forget web scraping challenges. Start making data-driven decisions right now.

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Best Python Libraries for Web Scraping

Read this detailed white paper to learn more about the four most popular Python libraries and get to know the basics on how to get started in web scraping.

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Comprehensive Guide on Data Collection

Check out the essential technical insights outlined in this white paper and make the first step towards making your data collection activities easy and effortless.

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Load Testing with Residential Proxies: Guide to Cybersecurity Companies

An in-depth guide to cybersecurity companies that are looking to perform realistic load tests with the use of proxies.

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Guide to Dynamic Pricing and Data Acquisition

E-commerce companies employ dynamic pricing to maximize their revenue. What tools are the best for data acquisition for dynamic pricing? Let's figure it out in this white paper.

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Commercial Data as Alternative Data for Financial Industry

Find out how real estate market monitoring, e-commerce data, and monitoring employee changes can predict investment risks and opportunities.

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Guide to Threat Intelligence Data Acquisition

Learn about the web scraping process for threat intelligence and find out what data gathering solution is the best fit for threat intelligence data acquisition. Read this white paper now.

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The Application of AI and ML in Large-Scale Data Gathering Operations

Download our extensive white paper and learn more on the application of AI and ML in large-scale data gathering operations.

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Why Is Alternative Data Playing an Increasingly Larger Role in Financial Markets

Read why collecting alternative data is essential for financial markets. Find out the main challenges and how to address them effectively.

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How to Build a Successful Competitive Intelligence Process?

Learn what competitive intelligence is and how to solve the main issues that may arise when building a successful competitive intelligence process. Check out this white paper now.

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Web Scraping in the Travel Industry: Main Challenges and Use Cases

Download this free white paper and get all the information on how you can benefit from web scraping in the travel industry.

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The Growing Importance of Alternative Data in the Finance Industry

Read our study on how alternative data is changing the finance industry and find out how companies are using it to generate alpha.

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The Growing Importance of External Data in the Retail and E-Commerce Industry

Read our study on how web scraping and external data is becoming increasingly important for data-driven decision making.

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Proxies Buying Guide for Enterprises

Learn about the key proxy types and how to choose one depending on your needs. Download this free white paper and get all the essential information before making a purchase decision.

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Alternative Data Unlocks Key Decisions in the UK And US Finance Industries

Oxylabs & Censuswide surveyed 1000+ finance industry decision makers. Discover the results.

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Building a Competitor Intelligence System for E-Commerce

Go through the process of building a competitor intelligence system for e-commerce while taking an in-depth look at its architecture.

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Developing a Real Estate Data Monitoring Infrastructure

Discover how your real estate business can benefit from web scraping and learn how to build your own property data monitoring architecture.

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