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Proxy Use Cases

With our premium proxies and experienced team, companies can focus on data analysis rather than data delivery. Explore Oxylabs proxy solutions for each business case.

Market Research

Smoothly gather public data for market research with fast and reliable service.

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Ad Verification

Track the web and check if the ads reach the right audience.

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Price Monitoring

Access product pricing information regardless of its location.

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Email Protection

Stay undetected while scanning for possible leaks or other risks.

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Review Monitoring

Keep track of customer reviews from many websites effortlessly.

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Alternative Data

Foresee market changes based on real-time data.

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Threat Intelligence

Gather fresh, real-time, and valuable data about potential threats.

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Food Delivery Data

Collect food delivery data to enhance your services.

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Website Change Monitoring

Monitor pages all over the web and troubleshoot errors.

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Monitor links and internal systems to skillfully fight phishing.

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SERP Data Analysis

Use SERP data to track rankings and optimize your SEO strategy.

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Dynamic Pricing

Implement a dynamic pricing strategy to boost your revenue.

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Domain Squatting

Identify imposter websites and take action against domain squatters.

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Anti-counterfeit Tracking

Stop counterfeiters in their tracks and protect your brand.

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Copyright Infringement Monitoring

Find and gather all the evidence to stop copyright infringements.

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Real-Time Product Monitoring

Monitor multiple e-commerce websites with ease and in real-time.

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Backlink Intelligence

Create or revise your backlink-building strategy with Oxylabs’ assistance.

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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Monitoring

Oversee the compliance of pricing policies and take action to enforce fair market practices.

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