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Datasets From Any Public Website Out There

Unlock web intelligence insights with ready-to-use or custom public web datasets. Take advantage of our skilled professionals and innovative infrastructure for a tailored solution.

Ready-to-use datasets

Get readily available datasets in a format that aligns with your data. We manage public web data extraction, so you can focus on your business.

Custom datasets

Receive the highest quality data tailored to your needs. We use highly localized scraping and data validation techniques to ensure data accuracy.

Tailored pricing

Leave data extraction infrastructure and maintenance costs on our side. Opt for outcome-based pricing and pay for the specific data points you require.

Flexible dataset delivery options

Based on your specific needs, select dataset output formats, storage preferences, and delivery frequency:

  • Get datasets in CSV, JSON and many more formats

  • Receive data via SFTP or to your cloud storage like AWS S3

  • Have your datasets delivered upon an agreed frequency

Readily available standard datasets

Company Data

Datasets from: Owler, AngelList, CrunchBase,, Product Hunt

  • Discover business opportunities

  • Identify investment prospects

  • Monitor competitor performance

Job Postings Data

Datasets from: Indeed, Glassdoor, StackShare Jobs

  • Refine recruitment strategies

  • Identify investment prospects

  • Forecast future labor market trends

Product Review Data

Datasets from: TrustPilot, G2 Reviews, Capterra

  • Improve your product analysis

  • Analyze your competition

  • Evaluate investment risks

E-commerce Product Data

Datasets from: Amazon product listing, Walmart product listing

  • Streamline your product offerings

  • Analyze top-seller strategies

  • Evaluate customer sentiment

Community and Code Data

Datasets from: Github, StackShare, DockerHub

  • Identify skilled talents

  • Analyze tech firms

  • Improve investment strategies


Standard datasets

Choose from a variety of our ready-to-use datasets.

  • Standardized data schema

  • Fresh, clean, and parsed data

  • Data points from the most difficult data sources

Delivery frequency:

One-time purchase

From $1,000/month


Custom datasets

Get data from any public web domain fully tailored to your business needs.

  • Customized data schema

  • Flexible and scalable solutions

  • Dedicated Slack channel for seamless communication

Delivery frequency:


Tailored pricing

With no additional fees & included in both plans:

Top-quality data extracted by leading scraping experts

Dedicated Account Manager

Legal compliance

Lloyd’s insurance

Custom datasets process

Understanding your data needs

We start by understanding your business and defining data requirements.

Developing customized solution

We then develop a custom approach to extract data using in-house infrastructure.

Delivering data sample

We provide a data sample for quality and entire process evaluation.

Continuous data delivery

Once we agree on the preferred approach, we consistently deliver data.

Streamlined dataset delivery

We handle every step of public web data extraction, providing you with the final dataset.

We bring safety and security to our customers

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Our premium web intelligence solutions and the world’s largest proxy network are a top choice for our clients.


Certified data centers and upstream providers

Our technology is sourced from reputable and certified providers that fit international standards.


All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance.


Frequently asked questions

What are datasets used for?

Datasets are used for a variety of use cases and across multiple industries. The most common uses for datasets are data analysis, business intelligence, market research, and more. In essence, datasets are valuable for research, decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation in a wide range of domains. They enable organizations to leverage data for improved understanding and better outcomes.

How to buy datasets?

To purchase Oxylabs Datasets, contact our Sales Team by email at They will assist you in finding the right solution and agree on delivery frequency, format, and storage options. 

Where to buy datasets?

After contacting our Sales Team, you will be guided through the purchasing process.

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