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Unlock public web data with Oxylabs features

Rotating Residential Proxies

Achieve high success rates with a large pool of Rotating Residential proxies.

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Proxy Rotator

Stay block-free while gathering public web data with Proxy Rotator.

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HTTP & HTTPS (SSL) Proxies

Scrape almost any website via HTTP(S) with fast and reliable HTTP Proxies.

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Residential Proxy API

Manage your sub-users and get statistics on traffic consumption with Residential Proxy API.

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Datacenter Proxy API

Easily control your proxy pool resources with Datacenter Proxy API.

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Headless Browser

Render JavaScript-based pages and set up custom browser instructions with Headless Browser.

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Custom Parser

Define your own parsing logic and get ready-to-use data with Custom Parser.

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Web Crawler

Discover and collect only relevant data from target websites with Web Crawler.

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Automate repetitive scraping and parsing jobs at your desired intervals by using Scheduler.

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Adaptive Parser

Collect structured data from e-commerce product pages with AI-powered Adaptive Parser.

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