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Alternative Data

Ai-Driven Proxy Solution for Alternative Data in Finance

Alternative data enables companies to draw insights from non-traditional sources and see the bigger picture, but doing so without a dedicated solution will waste your time and resources. Here is how Oxylabs’ Web Unblocker can help:

  • Gather up-to-date and accurate data

  • Get highly localized data without blocks

  • Scrape as many targets and pages as you need, all in bulk

alternative data

Web intelligence collection solutions for alternative data

With Oxylabs web intelligence solutions, you can extract large-scale alternative data from any publicly available target anywhere in the world. Save your precious time and money while building strong authority in financial matters.

Real-time data gathering

If you want to unveil market trends as soon as they pop up, then fresh data is your answer. Oxylabs AI-powered solutions extract real-time public data, giving you accurate details to work with and save time by retrieving them in ready-to-use formats.

Possible risks

Outdated or disorganized information may lead you to draw incorrect insights.

How can we help?

Our Scraper APIs collect real-time data from difficult targets and return it structured in JSON format.

Collect data without any restrictions

Alternative data sources are scattered all over the globe, but to access them, you may need to fight geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, and IP blocks. With our premium bulk proxies, this will no longer be an issue, and rest assured you will not miss out on new financial opportunities.

Possible risks

Constant data flow interruptions may impede your daily business processes and success.

How can we help?

Use our 100M+ IP proxy pool to unlock websites located in 195 countries for block-free operations.

Web scraping on scale

Accurate analysis can not be done without accessing and gathering enormous amounts of alternative data. Hence, the success of your business may heavily rely on the wealth of public data you collect. With Oxylabs solutions, scraping thousands of pages will seem like child’s play, ensuring you maximize the potential of big data.

Possible risks

Collecting data from countless sources means you must deal with different anti-scraping mechanisms that monitor incoming web traffic.

How can we help?

Our AI-based enterprise-grade solutions will enable you to concurrently scrape public websites on any scale without blocks and CAPTCHAs.

Choose Web Unblocker for alternative data

Web Unblocker is an AI-powered proxy solution that bypasses sophisticated anti-bot systems to ensure high success rates for you regardless of the website's complexity.

  • Access public data from even the most difficult sites

  • Easily imitate real website users

  • Pay only for successfully extracted data

Get a free trial

I find the support and communication from account managers to be very good, but the real winner is the products and tools that Oxylabs provide which are high quality and do exactly as they promise. No more setting up third party tools for them to fall over after a month or two, we've been a customer for over a year and have never had to reconfigure anything or come up with a workaround solution. It is set and forget.

Michael S.

Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

A word from our customers

Oxylabs not only strives to deliver market-leading solutions, but also to be a trusted business partner. From small startups to global giants, we prioritize the success of each client.

Added benefits of Web Unblocker

Session control

Automatically rotate proxies or use the same IP for extended sessions.

Proxy-like integration

Start scraping in minutes with a single-entry node that fits your existing code.

Convenient dashboard

Easily manage and track your Web Unblocker usage statistics.

JavaScript rendering

Get complete and reliable data from JavaScript-heavy websites effortlessly.

Easy scaling

Scale together with your growing business needs hassle-free.

24/7 support

Get timely answers and support whenever you need them.

Frequently asked questions

What is alternative data?

Alternative data is fetched from non-traditional sources such as financial transactions, estate figures, geo-location data, rentals and leases, surveys, satellite data, and much more. Traditional data sources like financial statements, sales figures, etc., are not always capable of providing an accurate and complete picture of the investing scene. This is the reason why many progressive companies turn to alternative data sources to complement their analysis and decision-making.

How do you gather alternative data?

The best way to collect alternative data is by web scraping with the help of automated tools and proxy servers. Some other options are raw data acquisition and alternative data providers.

How is alternative data used?

Hedge fund managers and investors are using alternative data to evaluate market tendencies and identify investment opportunities. Other alternative data use cases include research of consumer behavior for analytics, as well as policy making for governments.

What is an example of alternative data?

Alternative data refers to data from non-traditional sources and can encompass any source that is not typically used for analysis. When it comes to financial markets, some alternative data examples include social media sentiment, credit card transaction data, online reviews, or even weather data and satellite imagery. In comparison, traditional financial data analysis often uses sources like financial statements, SEC filings, and press releases.

Is alternative data unstructured?

Yes, alternative data is usually unstructured as it is mostly stored on various sources like blogs, news platforms, and etc. To make it structured, you need to first crawl the HTML document of your target and then parse your desired data points into a structured format, like JSON, CSV, or other.

Do you offer a free trial for your products?

Yes, you can try out Oxylabs products for free. Web Unblocker and all Scraper APIs are available via a free trial, while our proxy solutions require you to book a demo with our sales team.

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