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Unlock the Power of Web Intelligence

Collect public data at scale with industry-leading web scraping solutions and the world’s largest ethical proxy network.

Power of Web Intelligence

A trusted partner for 2,000+ companies globally

Web scraping solutions powering projects of any scale

From various types of proxies or Scraper APIs to advanced solutions unblocking any website, experience the power of industry-leading Oxylabs products.

Gather public data at scale with fewer IP blocks using Oxylabs' Proxy Solutions. Utilize one of the market's most reliable and largest proxy services, covering 195 countries globally, as well as collect public data block-free with AI-based Web Unblocker.

Forget about proxy maintenance or complex scraping techniques. Our all-in-one web scraping solutions are equipped with various advanced features, including a Custom Parser, Scheduler, and Web Crawler, empowering you to gather the public data you need effortlessly.

Unlock readily available datasets tailored to your data toolset. We handle the entire public web data extraction process, freeing up your time to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

Residential Proxies

Human-like scraping without IP blocking. Learn more

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Pay as you go

Mobile Proxies

IP addresses from real mobile devices. Learn more

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Pay as you go

Rotating ISP Proxies

Extended sessions for sustained performance. Learn more

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Shared Datacenter Proxies

Fast proxies for cost-efficient scraping. Learn more

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Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Top-performing proxies on the market. Learn more

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Web Unblocker

AI-powered solution for block-free scraping. Learn more

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E-Commerce Scraper API

Public data from the largest marketplaces. Learn more

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SERP Scraper API

Scalable data delivery from search engines. Learn more

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Web Scraper API

Effortless data gathering from most websites. Learn more

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Real Estate Scraper API

Real-time data from real estate websites. Learn more

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Company Data

Comprehensive data sets for business profiling. Learn more

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Job Postings Data

Datasets for labour market research and insights. Learn more

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Product Review Data

Fresh datasets for user sentiment analysis. Learn more

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E-Commerce Product Data

Datasets for product catalog insights. Learn more

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Community and Code Data

Datasets for developer community trends. Learn more

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Global proxy pool for easy public data access

Utilize one of the most reliable and largest proxy services in the market with 102M+ IPs, covering 195 countries worldwide.

United States

11,074,560 IPs


3,579,899 IPs

United Kingdom

3,622,838 IPs

+ 192 More

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Meeting the highest regulatory requirements

Main Oxylabs areas of business are certified for Information Security Management System according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard. By incorporating suitable risk assessments and policies, this standard guarantees the advancement and safeguarding of information.

Oxylabs products fuel top industries with public web data

Harness public data for e-commerce success

Access valuable e-commerce data, such as pricing, product information, or reviews, on a large scale. Price monitoring Dynamic pricing Monitor product information Identify MAP policy violations Learn more


Boost cybersecurity operations with public data

Gather critical data while staying unnoticed by threat actors to make proactive security decisions. Threat intelligence Email protection Prevent phishing attacks Learn more


Secure brands with top-tier public data collection solutions

Retrieve public data on a large scale to stop copyright infringement and counterfeiting. Copyright infringement monitoring Anti-counterfeit tracking Domain squatting detection Learn more

Brand protection

Unleash SEO potential with real-time public SERP data

Extract highly localized search engine data to monitor rankings and brand visibility. Monitor SERP results Backlink intelligence Ad intelligence Learn more

Discover new opportunities with public travel data

Leverage real-time flight and hotel data to shape your travel business strategy with evidence-based insights.

  • Real-time ticket pricing data

  • Hotel pricing trends

Learn more

Travel and hospitality

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Easily integrate our solutions to your projects

We ensure that integrating our products into your scraping infrastructure is as effortless as possible. With multiple language support and ready-to-use code examples, a quick and easy start to your web scraping project is a guarantee.


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Residential Proxies
curl -x -U "customer-USER:PASS"

Expert insights on public data gathering

We constantly share our expertise on various platforms, so check our developer-focused communities for constant web scraping news flow.

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Join our community to unite with web scraping enthusiasts

Scraping Experts

Access free video lessons led by top-notch experts

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Find engaging videos on various data gathering topics


Visit our channel for step-by-step technical scraping tutorials

Visit our Developers Hub

From all necessary technical product information to valuable public data gathering tutorials and helpful resources, find everything you need in one place.

Trusted by top companies

"By integrating our proprietary algorithms with Oxylabs' advanced Datacenter and Residential Proxies, we not only revolutionized our approach but also significantly enhanced our web crawling capabilities and, most importantly, reduced our costs."

Javier Vázquez Rodríguez

Managing Director of Zulu5

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Experience our award-winning web intelligence solutions

100M+ ethically sourced Residential Proxies

Oxylabs Residential Proxy pool is ethically sourced from carefully selected partners that uphold business ethics and strict compliance. A majority of Oxylabs’ proxy network is composed of Tier A+ model proxies.

Pioneering industry stewardship

Empowering change with Project 4β

Through our pro bono initiative "Project 4β," we supply Oxylabs know-how, robust infrastructure, and resources pro bono to academic institutions, researchers, NGOs, NPOs, and other organizations, helping maximize their research impact and enhancing their understanding of web intelligence collection.


United in efforts to make the web safer

Oxylabs is a proud member of cybersecurity organizations that improve the livelihood of all internet participants. As such, we’ve become members of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), Information Systems Security International (ISSA), and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). These partnerships allow us to exchange knowledge and expertise, aimed at improving internet security.


Founding industry best practices

Oxylabs is a founding member of the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI), an industry-led consortium of web data collectors focused on strengthening public trust, promoting ethical guidelines, and helping businesses make informed data aggregation choices.


Making web intelligence sustainable

Our company is one of the first in the industry to publish extensive Impact Reports in which we set sustainability goals, calculate emissions, and build strategies to offset our actions.


Bringing novelty to the industry

Oxylabs has created a dedicated artificial intelligence and machine learning board where world-leading experts in their respective fields help us develop new solutions and enhance existing ones with emerging technologies, allowing us to bring unparalleled value to our customers.


Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.

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